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Cultural Activities

Music Education

At Gracehill, we would like our learners to experience the gift of music and the benefits of this universal language. School music programmes are especially relevant to the development of each and every child. These programmes promote self-expression, responsibility and creativity. They develop self-discipline and thinking skills such as problem solving, evaluation and analysis.

  • Gracehill’s Music Vision
    • to provide music education to learners of all ages
  • Gracehill’s Music Mission
    • to give every learner the opportunity to experience music and what it has to offer
  • Gracehill’s Music Objective
    • to be passionate and create a love and appreciation for music from a very young age


Activities - Primary School, George
Activities - Primary School, George

Weekly Music Lessons

All learners attend one music lesson a week. Learners learn the basics about music through games, interactive activities and instrumental play. Learners will be exposed to a variety of instruments during group lessons, such as recorder, ukulele and djembe. Different instruments will apply to certain age groups, and by the time a learner has completed the Foundation Phase, all three instruments would have been part of his/her musical exposure. Ensemble work is encouraged from as early as the third week from starting a new instrument.


Individual/Extra-mural music lessons

Individual lessons are offered in piano, recorder and voice.

Annual concert

The benefits of becoming involved in the performing arts at a young age, extends beyond entertainment. A huge amount of life-skills and expression are imparted during the process of concert training and performing.

Gracehill aims to have all learners on stage at least once a year, during the annual concert. All classes will select and perform an appropriate variety of items, linked to a general theme.



As the school develops and grows, Gracehill commits to a Foundation Phase Choir (Grade 1-3′s) and an Intermediate Phase Choir (Grade 4-7′s). Members of these choirs will have to attend a weekly rehearsal of an hour long and study a suitable repertoire to perform at a variety of occasions, including the George Eisteddfod.


Ballet is presented as part of the cultural activities during school hours. Extra ballet lessons, which include external RAD examinations, are outside of school hours and at an additional fee.


Worship Dance (private)

Gracehill pupils have the opportunity to be trained in ‘worship dance’ at Liberty Church.



Sport is an essential part of the holistic curriculum at Gracehill and it is crucial for each student’s emotional and physical development. Every student is expected to participate in at least one summer and one winter sport from the range offered at Gracehill.

Supported by our dedicated coaches, every participant is spurred on to achieve their best in the sport of their choice. A qualified School Sports Administrator facilitates and oversees all of the training and matches. By combining the use of rented facilities with those of established clubs in the surrounding areas, we ensure that our students have the necessary resources available to enable them to succeed.

Summer Sports (Terms 1 and 4)


Boys & Girls Ball Skills (Grades 1-3)

The ball skills training programme equips the pupils with basic hand-eye coordination, ball to foot coordination and other basic ball skills.

Beginner Tennis

Beginner tennis is for Grade 1 and 2 pupils. A coach will help our pupils with the basic tennis skills.

Boys u/9 Mini Cricket

The boys begin to learn their cricket skills in Grade 1 – 3.

Boys & Girls Tennis

Tennis is played throughout the year and we will rent two tennis courts for this purpose.

Boys Cricket

The boys use cricket skills learnt, to play socially during sport hours.

Boys & Girls Chess

Gracehill College will encourage learners to take part in chess.

Hand to Hand Combat

This is a fun way to learn important skills both in winter and summer.


Girls and boys take part in athletics in-house, and will compete at interschool competitions.


Winter Sports (Terms 3 and 4)


Boys u/9 Mini Soccer

“Mini” soccer prepares the young boys for the years ahead.

Cross Country

Cross country pupils and coaches will train on a weekly basis, in and around the school grounds and often times off campus.

Girls Hockey

The various skills needed to play hockey will be taught and practiced.

Boys Soccer

Soccer skills are used to enjoy the sport together.

Boys & Girls Tennis

Tennis is played throughout the year we will rent two tennis courts for this purpose.


Boys & Girls Chess

Gracehill College will encourage learners to take part in chess.

Hand to Hand Combat

This is a fun way to learn important skills both in winter and summer.


Outreach Programs


The aim of the outreach programme is to be a blessing to our local community and to give our pupils an opportunity to give of themselves for the benefit of others.

Scripture commands us to care for the poor, the destitute, the widows and orphans. We are also called to care for God’s creation in the environment and for animals.

Gracehill aims to instil, in the heart of each pupil, a desire to be a blessing and to help make this world a better place. This is done through each class serving a selected community project or organization:


Grade 1-3: Animal Welfare

Gracehill pupils will visit the SPCA and will bless them with pet food and money collected from their civvies days.
Through this experience they will learn compassion and the need to care for God’s creatures.

Grade 4-7: Watsons Old Age Home

Gracehill pupils will visit Watsons Retirement village as the community project once a term. The pupils will make, ice, and decorate cupcakes at school for the residents. They will also present a medley of songs and scripture, and hand out toiletries, or just spend quality time with the residents.

Grade 8-9: Blessing Bethesda

Once a term, the children bring joy to the children who live in underprivileged circumstances. We plan to donate much needed goods such as nappies, clothes, bedding and toys. In the second term, we plan to hold a sports day for the little children at Bethesda.

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